Engagement and Enablement not just "involvement":

In our Rapid Mass Engagement process employees create their own High Performance culture; they are not "persuaded" to adopt a prescribed culture.

They also identify and agree, by consensus, what are the major obstacles to achieving the organisation's vision; this enables as well as engages employees.

Customers call our approach “unique”. We believe this is because of the explicit work on finding true employee engagement at values and beliefs - not just behavioural - level.

This is supported by a comprehensive system of leadership development, The Cathedral/Higher Purpose Model, to equip leaders to create and sustain such high levels of engagement.

The credit crunch has led to widespread media coverage of “fat cats” and other unflattering descriptions of the character of the senior leadership of large organisations. Even Hollywood, in the capital of capitalism, produces a stream of movies that portray big business in a light that is repellent to most employees’ values.

Against competition from trusted sources such as the mainstream media and Hollywood, traditional corporate communication has little chance. We have ways of combating that by achieving genuine engagement with employees’ existing values -many times more effective than what can be achieved by top down approaches.

What our customers say

The team at GSK, Ulverstone, UK talk about their experience working with Frank Devine...
“The best leadership development received in 32 years in BP.”
“Many times more powerful than any other coaching processes I have experienced.”
“Unique and global, reaches every leader, everywhere, even the cynical ones.”
“The greatest transformation in employee attitudes ever witnessed.”
“A remarkable and a massive business transformation.”