Accelerated Improvement - what some of our customers say:


James Winters Vice President, Manufacturing, Global Joint Reconstruction

DePuy Orthopaedics Worldwide 2018

“We had all the Lean processes but it wasn’t enough; until we adopted the mass engagement process to create the new culture we were getting frustrated and going nowhere!”

 Gretta Collins, Director of Process Development, Boston Scientific 2016

“By far the best leadership training I have ever experienced”

John Bicheno, Founding Director, Lean MSc, LERC 2017

“Everywhere I see this approach, I see systematic and sustained engagement in improvement” 

Boston Scientific – Employees participating in the joint codification of the new culture 2015

“I’m one of nature’s biggest sceptics, so if I believe in this anyone can believe in this”.

“Proud, privileged, honoured to be a part of what we’ve done here over the last couple of days”.

“The best two days I’ve ever spent in work”.

“We need to mark the 11th and 12th of May 2015 because this is the start of the new Boston Scientific and a great place to work”.

 Toyota Audit 2014

“The best example we have seen of an organisation that truly embraces the cultural aspects of the Toyota Way to deliver sustainable results”.

 Jon Tudor, President of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, 2016

“As President of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, UK I visit and assess many factories and this is by far the most thorough and developed employee engagement strategy and execution that I have seen”

Martin O'Riordan, Supply Chain Modelling Manager, Strategic Planning at Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies 2014 (De Puy – Johnson & Johnson)

“I’ve been fortunate to have worked with & learned from Frank on a number of occasions and I can say, without doubt, Frank is the best at what he does.  The transformation in culture driven by Frank’s mass rapid organization engagement was the foundation & enabler for the site’s successful lean journey which culminated in a GOLD Shingo prize - the benchmark for Operational Excellence. The sites metrics tell the success story.  His intervention was a game changer that is still clearly evident 6 years later”.

 Donal Moloney, Director, Global Supply Chain, DePuy (Johnson & Johnson), opening the internal version of the leadership programme, 2012

“We deal with many suppliers of leadership training, but this is simply the best there is; no matter how experienced you are, if you do not go away a better leader after this you have not been trying”.

Investors in People quoted by Richard Davies VP Operations Europe, Coca-Cola Enterprises, 2003

“The greatest transformation in employee attitudes ever witnessed”.

 Peter Watkins, Global Lean Enterprise and Business Excellence Director, GKN 2010

“Frank has worked with GKN for the past 5 years.  For anyone who needs to change their leadership culture to support Continuous Improvement, Frank Devine is truly inspirational.... but be ready to do something different.  We have seen simultaneous increases in employee engagement scores across all regions and sectors.   Few people truly have Frank’s ability to connect leadership skills and thinking to enable leaders to deploy Continuous Improvement and to change an organisational culture”.

 Ruth Lawton, Head of HR Development, GKN Driveline, 2010

“Unique and global! It reaches every leader, even the cynical ones; amazingly consistent across so many leaders from so many different cultures, joined together by applying the same unique, simple but pragmatic approach”.

  John Speirs, Operations Director, Bacardi-Martini UK, 2002

“I did not think it was possible to achieve a level of engagement that overpowered individuals’ self-interest; 4 of the Pay Working Party are championing the new system despite it meaning that they will never get another pay rise….incredible”.

Donal Moloney, Director, Global Supply Chain, DePuy (Johnson & Johnson) 2009

“Many times more powerful than any other coaching processes I have experienced”.

 John Speirs, Operations Director, Bacardi-Martini UK, 2000

“I knew the culture had changed when an operator booked an appointment and gave me Constructive Feedback - within a year of inheriting a them and us/fear culture”.

 David Gilmour, Managing Director, BP Marine, 2005

“One of my senior team said it was the best Leadership Development he had received in 32 years in BP”.

 David Stojakovich, Global Lean Director, Hoeganaes, 2010

“It was only when I worked with Frank that I realised what was critically missing from the scores of leadership books I have read”.

 Trevor Orman, Director, Civil Aerospace Operations, Rolls-Royce, 2007

“Getting it wrong would have been catastrophic for the performance of the whole of Rolls-Royce…we moved to a much better place”.

Sue Davis, GM, Experimental Logistics, Rolls-Royce, 2010

“My guys saw themselves as 2nd class and non-core; for them to outperform their core and much better paid and regarded colleagues in Rolls-Royce is remarkable and a massive business transformation”.

 Amanda Cruise, IT Leader, DePuy (Johnson & Johnson) 2010

“In my time in Accenture, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson this was the most valuable...and the most fun!......leadership development I ever did”.

 Rob Lewis, Group Managing Director, AVIRE 2018

“Over my many years in business I have been on many leadership training courses and many of the messages are the same. Frank stands out because his themes are simple but not simplistic, he delivers them with energy, passion and humour but most importantly, because he is really memorable (even if you tried to forget you couldn’t!)” 

Bryan Saunders, Business Development Director, Middle East, Methanex, 2012

“Unique approach that you need to shout more loudly about”.

 Gerry Brown, Project Manager, Bechtel, Houston, Texas, 2007

“You have helped me immensely...your style of listening and talking to me frankly and directly shows up in comments and in 360s”.

Mark Schaffer, Lead Lean Consultant at Skandia, 2008

“Frank delivered part of the Lean Operations course held at Outokumpu.  His approach to employee involvement in organisational change was exceptional. I find it interesting that many companies ignore this as part of their change programmes but if they do Frank is the ideal person to implement a pro-active programme of employee engagement and implementation”.