“predict & prevent” continuous improvement

Typical results:

  • Simultaneous improvement in employee attitude scores across all regions (Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific) and all sectors
  • 5 successive top 10 places in “Best Place to Work” despite operating in a high-speed, ultra mechanised (low opportunity for job enrichment or employee control) environment not usually associated with high levels of employee engagement

What is the point in having all your employees expert in Lean or Kaizen or Six Sigma techniques if they are not motivated to use them?

Frank Devine, Cardiff Lean Enterprise Research Centre MSc


Features of our approach:

  • Focus on those aspects of leadership that create, and sustain naturally, a continuous improvement culture
  • Development of “Leadership Standard Work” beyond task processes and tools into systematising the behaviours that create and sustain continuous improvement
  • Fun enhances retention... and is inherently worthwhile anyway!
  • "Light touch but tough" approach to key issue of accountability
  • Variation to cater for all learning styles built into the design
  • Transfer of the burden from the non-English speaker to the English speaker by using "International English" when with multi-lingual groups working in English

Sample clients covered:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Boston Scientific
  • Bacardi-Martini
  • GKN
  • Lake Region
  • Kaizen Institute


What our customers say:

I did not think it was possible to achieve a level of engagement that overpowered individuals’ self-interest; 4 of the Pay Working Party are championing the new system despite it meaning that they will never get another pay rise... incredible.

John Spiers, Operations Director, Bacardi-Martini UK

We have seen simultaneous increases in employee engagement scores across all regions and sectors.

Peter Watkins, Global Lean Enterprise and Business Excellence Director, GKN