New Product Development

Current NPD work includes:

Emotionally Engaging Communication (including presentations) - this will ensure that participants are able to:

  • Understand why corporate communications is inherently too weak to produce engagement
  • Connect to people at an emotional level
  • Maximise participation 
  • Learn from best practice in advertising, film, theatre, politics, sport and military
  • Make messages memorable
  • Apply specific techniques such as communication laddering, vivid communication and “the battle for ideas”

Lean / Six Sigma Recruitment

  • Building on a series of successful Assessment Centres in various clients, we are working with Thinkflow, to further develop how to successfully identify those competencies found, when clustered together, to predict success in Lean/Six Sigma roles, including at strategic, organisation-wide level.

Application of Accelerated Improvement Techniques to Professional Sport

  • Led by Stephen Finn, we are developing insights into which techniques are common and which are inherently divergent.
  • Previously this work has focussed on sports techniques that do not apply well in work and a theory of why this is; now we are exploring what does work and what can be applied the other way around i.e. from work to sport.