Case Study: Achieving 40% Sales Increase Quickly


Background to case study:

  • Need for 25% increase in sales
  • Within 6 months
  • With a sales force that regarded the “imposed target” as “impossible”


  • Short term: 40% increase in sales in 6 months
  • Long term: a lasting organisational capability and motivation to achieve systematically excellent whatever field required
  • Morale improved as everyone was more successful and no one was reducing the performance of the teams
  • Leadership credibility was enhanced due to willingness and ability to lead by example, coach effectively before and after calls and manage low performance
  • No additional sales training was needed

Diagnostic conclusions:

  • Sales staff knew what to do (they had been well trained), the issue was doing it!
  • Large difference between results of best and worst staff.
  • “Training” alone was not enough to shift performance “that much that quickly”-we needed to instil powerful performance management capability to ensure high performers were appreciated and leveraged and low performers rapidly improved.


  • 2 days input followed by 4 weeks systematic application in the field (content included how to get buy-in to pre-agreed targets and powerful methods of increasing the quality and quantity of genuine appreciation, coaching and constructive feedback so that performance was being addressed as a daily priority)
  • 1 day input re how to deal with any staff who had not responded sufficiently. Some were not able to meet the new, higher, standards.