Demystifying Leadership

Typical results:

  • 40% increase in sales in six months
  • Large increases in front-line leadership morale and capability
  • Simultaneous improvement in employee attitude scores across all regions (Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific) and all sectors
  • Deep commitment to the culture created by the leadership style demonstrated by managers.
  • An example being a group of middle managers putting their necks on the line publicly with a very senior visitor (they told a very senior Executive that any new MD who tried to roll back the new culture would have their immediate resignations... no attempt was made!)

Features of our approach:

  • Integration with continuous improvement processes
  • Emphasis on the small number of key skills that produce high levels of performance…and being able to deliver them to such high skill levels, so often that the high performance is sustained (see David Stojakovich interview in News section)
  • Simplification and removal of complexity
  • Intolerance of input which is “fascinating” but of rare practical benefit; we measure how often something will add value and work on those relentlessly..but in a fun way!
  • Emphasis on maximising retention by the use of inputs that intrigue the brain; contrast this with the way that the uncritical adaptation of political correctness has rendered much training so boring “our brains refuse” to remember the content!!
  • “Light touch but tough” approach to key issue of accountability
  • Fun enhances retention..and is inherently worthwhile anyway!
  • Variation to cater for all learning styles built into the design
  • Transfers of the burden from the non-English speaker to the English speaker by using “International English” when with multi-lingual groups working in English

Sample clients covered:

Frank demonstrating what would happen if we applied a common restrictive attitude for showing appreciation to   toddlers!!

Frank demonstrating what would happen if we applied a common restrictive attitude for showing appreciation to toddlers!!

  • BP
  • Yahoo!
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises x 3
  • Rolls-Royce x 4
  • Novartis
  • Lake Region
  • Aero Engine Controls
  • Carlisle
  • Ginsters

What our customers say:

In my time in Accenture, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson this was the most valuable - and the most fun - leadership development I ever did.

 Amanda Cruise, IT Leader, DePuy (Johnson & Johnson)

One of my team said it was the best Leadership Development he had received in 32 years in BP.

David Gilmour, MD, BP Marine

Unique and global! It reaches every leader, even the cynical ones; amazingly consistent across so many leaders from so many different cultures, joined together by applying the same unique, simple but pragmatic approach.

Ruth Lawton, Head of HR Development, GKN Driveline

It was only when I worked with Frank that I realised what was critically missing from the scores of leadership books I have read

David Stojakovich, Global Lean Director, Hoeganaes


Few people truly have Frank’s ability to connect leadership skills and thinking to enable leaders to deploy Continuous Improvement and to change an organisational culture.

Peter Watkins, Global Lean Enterprise and Business Excellence Director, GKN

From understanding how motivation differs between top level sport and business to being an effective leader, everything I did with Frank Devine was inspirational.

Donal Og Cusack, Cork hurling star and DePuy facilitator


Typical results:

  • Anticipation of the downturn in 2008
  • Reformulation of the business model to get early mover advantages

Features of our approach:

What our customers say:

Many times more powerful than any other coaching processes I have experienced
— Donal Moloney, Director, Global Supply Chain, DePuy (Johnson & Johnson)
Unique approach that you need to shout more loudly about!
— Bryan Saunders, Business Development Director, Middle East, Methanex
  • Upfront agreement to targets and timescales
  • Focus on delivery of agreed performance improvements in agreed timescales while simultaneously maximising realtime opportunities to address issues that emerge
  • Emphasis on the realtime probing of input from those providing feedback to uncover underlying issues and overcome “political” input
  • Systematic movement to and from “Facilitative” and “Expert” approaches
  • Fun enhances retention..and is inherently worthwhile anyway!
  • “light touch but tough” approach to key issue of accountability

Sample clients covered:

  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Bechtel
You have helped me immensely... your style of listening and talking to me frankly and directly shows up in comments and in 360s
— Gerry Brown, Project Manager, Bechtel, Houston, Texas