Accelerated Culture Transformation Programme (click image to view full size)

Rapid, Mass engagement creating Culture Change

Typical results:

  • 35% increase in productivity in six months following mass employee buy-in to change plan co-designed by them

  • Employees so engaged they recommended a pay system that froze their pay indefinitely…because it was for the common good and moved us towards our ideal

  • As an example of sustaining the culture, all leaders publicly displaying their individual upward feedback and the actions they are taking in response

  • 5 successive top 10 places in “Best Place to Work” despite operating in a high-speed, ultra mechanised (low opportunity for job enrichment or employee control) environment not usually associated with high levels of employee engagement

  • Non engineering employees, who saw themselves as “2nd class”, achieving higher motivational scores in employee engagement surveys than their higher paid colleagues.

  • Moving from a threatened strike and closure to a joint employee-management system for taking “make or buy” decisions which delivered business objectives without the conflict previously experienced

  • Widespread buy-in to various challenging organisational changes across many sectors

  • Large increases in front-line leadership morale and capability

Cultures don’t change, individuals change… and when enough change in the right direction… people talk about culture change... the building block is the individual.

Frank Devine, Cardiff Lean Enterprise MSc

Features of our approach:

  • Realisation that behaviour is not enough for sustained culture change…we have to operate at values and beliefs levels and these vary employee by employee

  • That, because of the above, we need both bottom-up and differentiated (employee by employee) processes as well as top down, integrated (to ensure delivery of strategy and alignment) processes

  • Engagement towards an ideal …a “burning platform” is not necessary and can produce lazy leadership habits that rebound once the “fire is out” (watch what happens to retention in the recovery)

  • Pace e.g. time elapsed from 1st engagement to fundamental changes made was 5 working days for 270 employees in a typical process

  • “Light touch but tough” approach to key issue of accountability

  • Fun enhances retention..and is inherently worthwhile anyway!

  • Simplicity

  • Create curiosity by doing things employees do not expect…and which motivate towards values and beliefs already held within the workforce but often not evidenced by current levels of discretionary effort

  • Create both deep and wide engagement

  • Systematically reverse the leadership actions predicted by negative paradigms

  • Systematically destabilise existing psychological filters

  • (If unionised) Create genuine alignment between the values of the original trade union founders (e.g. respect for employees’ knowledge and potential contribution) and the engagement process without cutting across collective bargaining arrangements

Sample clients covered:

  • Rolls-Royce x 4

  • Mars

  • Johnson & Johnson - Shingo Prize Winning Site

  • Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • Boston Scientific

  • GSK

  • Vale - Shingo Award Winning Site

  • Lake Region - Shingo Award Winning Site

  • Seagate

  • Bacardi-Martini

  • GKN

  • Directski.com

  • RLB

  • Textron

  • Outokompu

  • Nordam


What our customers say:

For anyone who needs to change their leadership culture to support continuous improvement, Frank Devine is truly inspirational... but be ready to do something different.

Peter Watkins, Global Lean Enterprise Director, GKN,

My guys saw themselves as 2nd class and non-core; for them to outperform their core and much better paid and regarded colleagues in Rolls-Royce is remarkable and a massive business transformation.

Sue Davis, General Manager, Experimental Logistics, Rolls-Royce

I knew the culture had changed when an operator booked an appointment and gave me Constructive Feedback! (within a year of inheriting a them and us / fear culture)

John Speirs, Operations Director, Bacardi-Martini UK

Getting it wrong would have been catastrophic for the performance of the whole of Rolls-Royce… we moved to a much better place.

Trevor Orman, Director, Civil Aerospace Operations, Rolls-Royce