Accountability Coaching

Ensuring Maximum Accountability and Return on Investment


Have you ever been frustrated by disappointing results from very good processes or training?

Have you ever heard yourself asking "what is so difficult about this?"

To address these common frustrations we have designed a process called "Accountability Coaching" whereby any standards-based process (including investment in leadership development) can be followed through in a non-threatening but powerful and systematic manner. This is done as part of the normal, day-to-day conversations that leaders have with each other and other employees (part of Leaders' Standard Work if you like)

The process uses the framework of Socratic coaching but fuses it with problem-solving rigour and a very forensic use of language to dicover any gaps between what is expected (the standard) and what actually happened and then quickly close those gaps.

Initial results are significantly enhancing the degree to which improvements and training are "sticking" and being systematically applied.

Updates to follow.