Accountability Coaching - Where it Fits?

People have asked where "Accountability Coaching" fits in the overall system of leadership development used in the Case Studies. Accountability Coaching is the skill necessary to ensure this process feels supportive rather than judgemental and drives recognition, quick resolution, "why never again" thinking and continuous development.

Pesky Humans - Why Ownership is Not Enough

When making process improvements it is often assumed that the involvement of the employees who work in the process will ensure an optimal process design; this is usually untrue as systematically ensuring behavioural optimisation (i.e. that people actually do what the process assumes they will do, pesky humans!!) is itself a learned skill and process.

Anthony Collins Interview

Anthony Collins pulled no punches when he first introduced Frank Devine to the Senior Management Team at The message he gave them was that the success or failure of the company rested on each of them taking on board Frank’s training and then using their new skills to ensure that both them and the entire staff fulfilled their responsibilities in the running of the company.